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Malkesh's Knife by sharp-n-pointy
Malkesh's Knife
Knife concept for a goblin character of mine in a 13th age game, the handle made up of a piece of tibia and several milled and polished kneecaps of slain enemies... I definitely never said he was a nice character.
Wow, even after seven years I'm kinda floored by that number.

I realize I haven't been very consistent in posting, and I know I still have a lot of work to do to get my work up to the level I feel it should be, but I still am immensely thankful for those of you who have followed me over the last few years. It does mean a lot that there are those who appreciate the kind of art I do,  I always feel kind of odd posting my drawings here as it seems a fairly specific niche, but the generally positive response Ive received has helped me to continue to push myself (even if at irregular intervals) to improve my work.

In short, thank you to all my watchers and friends, if not for you I doubt I would have kept drawing through all these years.

That being said, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm putting my images in the wrong category. Do they really belong in Digital Art / Drawings / Technical Drawings? or would another category like Game Development Art / Game Concepts & Illustrations / Weapons and Items be better? I have drawn some game concepts that mixed in with other images, but the majority are simply concept drawings for my own pleasure. Any suggestions?
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Happy BirthdayHappy Birth Day Fella (messages) 
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Happy early birthday! :D (Big Grin)  With many happy returns! Have your cake and eat it too
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Thank you!
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Hi there sorry it's been awhile since I contacted you.I got a little busy,but I just friened you so i'll try to keep in touch.
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Happy birthday!
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For he's a jolly good fellow... For he's a jolly good fellow...
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Awesome designs, Jason. Very well thought through. Something I sometimes have a problem with.
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dank yu fo dis ruminant
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